About the Editor

Rich Turner (b.1965) is a folk musician and arts journalist from Winchester, Hampshire, southern England. He joined Eye to Eye youth theatre in 1982, taught himself to play the fiddle in 1984, and led two local folk bands, playing Irish and English traditional music, until joining the National Health Service as a pharmacy porter, in 1988.

Rich auditioned, successfully, for Hampshire’s Pre-Professional Music Course in 1993, returning to full time study the following year. He went on to gain a BA in World Music from the University of Winchester, in 1999. At this point an ardent fan of Bollywood, and Indian arts in general, he started freelance journalism, having his first work published in London’s Indiaweekly newspaper, moving to the Capital, gaining a monthly London Diary column in the Salt Lake Post, Kolkata, and editing his own quarterly print magazine, Veena Indian Arts Review (2002 – 5).

Subsequently, Rich applied his interviewing skills to telephone market research for Ipsos MORI, becoming an A* Grade business interviewer, speaking to company directors and politicians, to record their opinions about issues affecting their work, in conditions of confidentiality and anonymity. This work lasted for eight years, until call centre closure, redundancy and austerity, in the widening wake of the 2008 global recession, eventually led to homelessness in 2015.

Rich was housed in 2018. With a renewed interest in European traditional music, an unsatisfying part time job, and time on his hands due to Covid-19, Riches Arts Review began as a tentative blog in June, 2020. So far it has been well recieved. Your support is very much appreciated.